We are seasoned professionals who consistently get rave reviews from the Homeowners, Realtors, Insurance Professionals and Code Inspectors we do business with. We cut no corners: everything we use, from the Hearth to the Connector Pipe, Chimney and miscellaneous hardware is the best we can find, period. Every one of our installations is inspected by the local Code Authority, and is guaranteed to pass. Our Chimney installations are warranted against rain leakage for one full year. We offer free estimates within our Service Area, and our customers tell us we're very competitively priced.

We install everything we sell, and also offer installation of appliances purchased elsewhere, as long as they meet all applicable Virginia and North Carolina State Legal and Code requirements.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Kill Bacteria, Fungus, Mold,  
Mildew and other Allergens

Remove Bacteria odors
Eliminate Smoke and Pet odor

Sanitize and Deodorize homes

Decontaminates air ducts

Air Duct Cleaning service calls . . .

   Utilizing Rotobrush International's patented equipment, Albemarle Chimney Sweeps professionals eliminate the contaminants located throughout your HVAC air duct network that contribute to bacteria growth, allergies resulting from excessive allergens inside the air ducts, as well as pet scents, dander and smoke odor.  It is recommended that homeowners sensitive to dust, mold, mildew and other allergens routinely clean their air duct networks to avoid the unpleasant and often unhealthy conditions that arise from the build-up of these contaminants.  New homeowners are particulary vulnerable to dusty and dirty particles left behind by pets such as dogs and cats, birds or even exotic animals that may have previously lived in your home.  

Heavy Duty brushes remove filthy CONTAMINANTS!


  Once the particles and dirt contaminants have been dislodged by the powerful circular motion of the brush, the vacuum instantly removes the loose particulates from the air duct through the hose. The contaminants are then thoroughly filtered out of the air by the patented  Rotobrush International cleaning unit.  Our professionals use only the best equipment and supplies, and have the training and experience necessary to remedy the most challenging air duct cleaning jobs.  


Contaminants are instantly VACUUMED from ducts.

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